Practice Launch Ownership Class

The Lean Approach to Becoming a Successful 1st-Time Dental Practice Owner

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Welcome to the most detailed, comprehensive, and personalized Dental Practice Ownership CE class available.

To help you get from Employee Dentist to Owner Dentist.

Here are the Five Core Components of the Program

1) The 47 Virtual Ownership Modules: Will guide you from the path of motivated Employee Dentist to being capable and confident for practice ownership by your completion of the program. Whether you're interested in a start-up or seeking to buy a practice - you will find all the tools and knowledge you need.

You will learn all of this through the lens of the Lean Efficiency Practice Building Model made popular by the Practice Biopsy content.

2) Demonstrations and Walkthroughs: Are available as a critical part of the unique step-by-step Hands-On process, to not only teach concepts but show exactly how to implement the refined principles, systems, and methods through examples so you can successfully become an owner.

3) Practice Launch Owners Tools Package: Package tools include office manuals, sample business plans, checklists, supply lists, equipment lists, useful spreadsheets, and system after system to implement in your new office.

4) One-on-One Mentorship Time: Where as with most CE you will never see or hear from the instructor again - with Practice Launch you will have ongoing access to DeAngelo S. Webster, DDS to help guide you. Available by e-mail or chat for your ownership questions, course curriculum questions, and analysis/consultation for your specific circumstances. To serve as support to help you get from Employee to Owner.

5) Peer Mentorship Support Group: You will have access to a private group of other like minded dentists along the same journey you are on. Dentists in the peer support group have completed the Practice Launch CE course and share the mindset of lean and efficient ownership principles. You'll have access to a TEAM helping you accomplish your goals.

"I don't know enough to own a practice yet," is no longer an excuse.

"It’s a perfect layout to lean and mean!!! I still use it as a reference it basically provides every resource in every aspect of the practice .. It should be a school requirement because it’s the best dental business course I’ve taken.. clear and simple...Btw with the tips from DeAngelo I’ve seen 112 patients New Patients in July and thus far 80 NP in august. Own!!!! You owe it to yourself and our profession !!"

David Jenkins, DDS - Owner of Smile Parlor, Georgia

"Dr. Webster's course and community has a wealth of knowledge for every dentist who is an owner or wanting to become one. I ended up buying a thriving practice, but was struggling with the basics of the business management and marketing. The Practice Biopsy course along with his one-on-one brainstorming helped me develop a simple and concrete path to success."

- Dr. Rohit Kumar, Practice Owner Southwest Virginia

"Dr. Webster is a motivation to all dentists that are looking to get into practice ownership. --- Thank you for all you've done to help me with my start up practice!"

- Dr. Tyler Koivisto, DDS, FAGD - Owner of Hanover Dental, Minnesota

"An excellent source of information for doctors thinking of or already in the process of starting their own dental practices. Dr. Webster is an excellent clinician and businessman who has achieved tremendous results in a very short period of time. He is very dedicated to the community and his course would be a great asset for most dentists"

- Seyar Baqi, DMD, Owner of Blue Hen Dental - Delaware

"Hands down the most in depth CE course for eager practice owners...blows away the other courses I have taken. 10/10 would def recommend...Might as well get a head start on the future."

Jordan Brown, DDS

What Topics are Covered?

Just some of what you will learn in the

Practice Launch - Lean Dental Practice Ownership Program:

  • You will learn how to get financing for your practice
  • You will learn to identify good vs bad location for your practice
  • You will be prepared to answer, "Should I buy existing or do a start-up?"
  • You will learn how, when, and what taxes to pay
  • You will learn how to properly incorporate your business entity
  • You will learn everything you need to know about dental insurance and how to 'do the insurance'
  • You will learn exactly what the front desk staff is and should be doing
  • You will learn techniques to efficiently manage clinical staff
  • You will learn how to strategically set fees in your practice
  • You will learn how to market and brand your practice to generate 75+ New Patients per month on a marketing budget of a few hundred dollars per month
  • You will learn how to operate a practice at less than 40% overhead
  • You will learn how to open a profitable dental practice for less than $100,000
  • You will learn how to evaluate and buy a practice that will make you money, not cost you money
  • You will learn the day-to-day business duties you never learned in dental school or at employee dentist jobs
  • You will learn how to hire, staff, pay, and build a dental support team
  • You will learn how to minimize your fixed costs
  • You will learn which financial and data metrics are important and how to evaluate that information
  • You will learn the essentials of how to design and build an efficient dental practice
  • You will learn the process and steps to register x-ray units
  • You will learn the what/which/and how of properly ordering equipment and supplies for your practice
  • You will be provided with countless templates, calculators, spreadsheets, systems, manuals and tools
  • We will answer the questions for things that "you don't know, that you don't know"
  • And much, much, much more...

"Start ups are tough with so many unknowns. Taking the practice launch CE was the best decision I made. It prevented me from making huge mistakes. Even after opening my practice I still review the modules. Honestly, I would have been completely lost without the course."

- Dr. Lawal Garuba, Owner of Sauk Trail Dental Care

"I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the business aspects of dentistry; but Practice Launch is full of actionable pearls that will help you take hold of your overhead and analzye the decisions you make in dentistry every day. I highly recommend this course."

- Dr. Lance Swapp, Owner of Swapp Family Dentistry - Colorado

"Would definitely recommend this course. I've already gone through the whole module and going through it a second time. Cost of the course will pale in comparison to what you learn to save yourself money in buying/starting a practice."

Vivek Thanawala, DDS

"The material in the Practice Launch program was outstanding for me to have as a dental student. It taught me all the things about owning my own practice, which dental school did not. And left me knowing I had the tools to be a successful owner. I highly recommend Practice Launch to any dental student serious about getting into ownership."

- Alvaro Malaga, 4th Year Dental Student - University of Michigan

"In dental school our professors told us with a chuckle, "You are just good enough not to kill anyone' as we graduated. the reality is school prepares you to cut teeth. With huge student debts we venture out naïvely trying to make the world a better place one smile at a time. Yes, it is true that we grow by making mistakes, but these mistakes are costly, further increasing stress that already lingers from the massive student and practice debt. I believe the solution is to find a mentor in the trenches doing real world dentistry. After coming across Dr. Webster’s content and seeing that it is straight facts, strategies, and solutions I lost interest in the fluffy podcasts i used to listen to ---- I highly recommend you start off by joining the Facebook Group and visit --- Then sign up for Practice Launch."

- Dr. Radovan Rudik - Owner of Mooselake Dental, Guelph, ON, Canada

Sneak Peak to Course Material

Is Practice Launch right for you?

" DeAngelo,

With your help, I've made the best decision of my life. I found a dental practice within 15 minutes of my house with a Silver analysis rating for only $50,000. The facilities are intact, the rent is low, the equipment is functional, and the goodwill is 40+ years old. 4 operatories, digital xray sensors, xray units in each operatory and a rent of 2,400/mo. I'm extremely excited to take this next step and have you to thank for the due diligence you've helped me complete!...Thanks a million for your invaluable help. The course and mentorship has easily been the best money I've ever spent. "

- Ali Aldabe, DDS - Owner of Clairemont Dental

Your Instructor

Dr. DeAngelo S. Webster
Dr. DeAngelo S. Webster

Hi, I'm DeAngelo Webster, DDS! Maybe you met me in my Daily Dental Business Vlogs on Facebook? Or maybe you met me from a post on DentalTown, read one of my blog posts on, or heard about me from a friend?

Regardless, my goal is simple: To help you successfully transition from "Employee Dentist" to "Owner Dentist." And to save employee dentists and dental students from crappy Corporate Dentistry Jobs and Low-Paying Employee Dentist Jobs.

"I don't own a practice yet, because I don't know enough..." - Is no longer an excuse.....

Let's work together on your journey towards success in ownership.

As always, "Kaizen!"

-DeAngelo S. Webster, DDS

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?
Practice Launch is a self-paced online program. With 47 Virtual Modules, most students spend several weeks to several months completing the course material. Modules are meant to be re-visited and the tools are meant to be an ongoing resource to help you through your journey to successfully owning and operating your 1st dental practice.
Do I Get any CE Credits for Taking this Class?
Yes, Practice Launch is an approved PACE AGD continuing education course. You will recieve 22 CE credits for completing the course. 22 Credits is more than the yearly requirement in most states in the USA.
Is This Program Right for Me?
If you already own your own practice -- this program is not really for you. If you are a dental student, dental resident, or employee dentist who wants to be a successful 1st time owner, this is the ideal course for you. Practice Launch is ideal if you want to START UP or if you want to PURCHASE your first practice. If you still have questions regarding if the program is right for you; send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Practice Launch Ownership Class

The Lean Approach to Becoming a Successful 1st-Time Dental Practice Owner

Enroll in Practice Launch Ownership Class

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